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TelosNet has provided World Wide Web design, development, and hosting services since 1996. We serve a variety of clients, including non-profit organizations, businesses, and private practitioners.

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Virtual Domain Web Sites

"Virtual Home Page" Hosting

WordPress Site Allowing Self-Management

"Virtual Domain"  World Wide Web Sites

Because of recent changes in availability that allow us to provide low cost domain name sites, we recommend that you obtain a full-scale "Virtual Domain" site on the Web, to which you can have personal access.

Option 1: Develop You Own Web Site on Our Server

NEW LOWER HOSTING PRICES: TelosNet "virtual domain" hosting is available for a $30 one-time set-up charge and ONLY $8 per month, billed quarterly. For this, you receive:

  • 300 Gigabytes of Storage Space
  • Unlimited POP3 E-Mail Addresses
  • Ultra Fast T-3 Internet Connections
  • 3000 Gigabytes of File Transfers (Bandwidth) per month
  • Full FTP access to your domain
  • Daily usage report updates and logs accessible from your browser
  • Built-in traffic analysis software
  • Capability for special features such as Java and Javascript elements, rotating banners, multimedia, and E-mail or HTML forms.
  • PHP and MySQL database support.

Option 2: Purchase a Complete Web Site from TelosNet

Prices for developing a complete virtual domain name site vary from only $600 for a "Basic" 1-3 page site, to $800 for a "Full Scale" 4-6 page site, and $1200 for a Web "Presence" 7-9 page site, depending on your needs. (Estimated prices) 

Another option is to purchase a turnkey WordPress database-drive site that you can manage on your own, saving the cost of management and upgrades.

We can also provide development and/or ongoing Webmaster services for larger sites.

If you want a full scale site, we like to sit down with you or spend some time corresponding through E-mail to discuss the options and to get a feel for the qualities you want your site to have.

Contact us today for more information.

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Virtual Home Page Hosting

TelosNet also offers low cost "Virtual Home Pages" that are specifically designed to get your message into the hands of people who want or need your private practice, service or resource. With three full color images, up to 1000 words of text, background art, a full assortment of navigational features, "hypertext" links, E-mail links, and free submission to the major Internet Search Engines and Directories, you'll have a real presence on the Internet.

With a Virtual Home Page your address on the Internet would be:

Each Virtual Home Page includes:

  • Full Color Photograph
  • Two additional pieces of Art Work or Logo
  • Background (if desired)
  • Hit Counter and Java Features
  • Up to 1000 words of descriptive text
  • Complete credentials or vitae
  • Contact information for you and associated organizations, including:
    - Phone & FAX
    - Address
    - E-Mail
    - Associated Web Sites

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WordPress Site 

Please contact us for Information

Free Directory Listing

veryone who purchases a TelosNet Virtual Home Page also receives a Directory listing. By themselves, such listings are a good first step and are handy for users browsing the site and for search engines. If you're paying more than a few dollars a month for a directory service elsewhere (some "Internet Malls" charge $350 per year or more), you might be spending too much.

We'll set up a simple Directory listing on TelosNet for only $25/year. Your listing will be submitted to the major search engines and directories with the TelosNet directory pages. 

If you already have a Web site somewhere else, we'll list your URL (Internet address) with your directory listing. (see below)

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TelosNet - Cost of Services

Service or Feature Cost Unit
Directory Listing 25.00 Yr.
Virtual Home Page $200.00 Page
Additional Pages 150.00 Page
Technical Article NC  
Additional Technical Articles 150.00 Article
Minor Page Revision (<50 words) NC  
Page Revision (>50 words + graphics) 25.00 Page
Page Make-Over 75.00 Page
Domain Name Set Up $30.00 Site
Domain Hosting Fee - Non Profit 8.00 Month
Domain Hosting Fee 15.00 Month
Domain Hosting for WordPress Site 25.00 Month
Domain Registration Varies Year
"Basic" Web Site, 1-3 Pages (Est.) $600.00 Site
"Full Scale" Web Site, 4-6 Pages (Est.) 800.00 Site
"Presence" Web Site, 7-9 Pages (Est.) 1000.00 Site
Premium WordPress Site 1500.00 Site

*Quotes are estimates based on typical clients

PayPal Shopping Cart System $49.95 Set Up


Custom Web Design Services (Text & Graphics) $75.00 Hour
Regular Site Upgrades (Large Sites) $75.00 Hour
Monthly Upgrade Contracts for Small Sites Negotiable

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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TelosNet Home Page

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Contact Information

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Phone/FAX: (303) 932-1309
7057 S. Newland St., Littleton, Colorado 80128

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